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Powertrain technologies today and tomorrow

Welcome to NPS Driven, the premier provider of power train components, power generation, and engine solutions for industrial and marine markets. Our team of skilled engineers and designers specializes in providing cost-effective solutions for the most challenging applications, focusing on cost-of-ownership and performance, complying with the strictest emission legislation.

We are dedicated to providing trustworthy, premium products for marine and industrial applications. We offer a complete range of services, including design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance. Our extensive selection of products includes those from well-known brands such as John Deere, DAF/Paccar, Nanni, and HYUNDAI, in addition to OEM brands like Zenoro, Ioda, and Xeamos.

Power generation

10.8 L Euro 6 PACCAR MX-11 engine
220 kW/299 hp up to  330 kW/449 hp at 1,600 rpm
Perfect for IWW-Stage V applications

The modern MX11 provides the proven DAF reliability. Exeeds IWW V with unmatched fuel consumption. This engine minimizes vibration and noise on board.

The diesel engine and exhaust aftertreatment are highly compact, making repowering in small engine rooms a breeze. This engine also boasts extremely low fuel consumption and long maintenance intervals that result in a rapid payback time. In fact, the Euro 6 engine costs less per operating hour than a comparable CCR2 engine. This engine is clean, affordable, fuel-efficient, silent, low in maintenance, compact, sustainable, 100% HVO capable, has a short delivery period, and always complies with the latest state of technology.

Applications: Mobile cranes; Mobile mortar installations; Crushers; Wood chippers; Genset; Pump sets; Harvesters; Hydraulic power packs; Tractors

Hyundai D34
3.4 L –  4 cylinders in line
Variable: 55- 100 kW
Constant: 55, 74, 92 kW
Stage V

This 3.4 liter engine, with a maximum output of 100 kW, meets the requirements of the EU’s Stage V emission standards.

It is highly versatile, suitable for use in small construction machinery, forklifts, farming machinery, loaders, excavators, tractors, and portable power devices.

Applications: Mobile cranes; Mobile mortar installations; Crushers; Wood chippers; Genset; Pump sets; Harvesters; Hydraulic power packs; Tractors; Genset

John Deere JD14
John Deere JD14
Industrial Diesel Engine
300-510 kW (402-684 hp) @ 2100 rpm
Continuous, Heavy Duty, Intermittent

The JD14 industrial engine is the result of decades of engine design and manufacturing, and is fully compliant with the most stringent emission standards.

Easy to use and maintain, this engine is compact for its specifications, offering OEMs a range of possibilities, and has the capacity for additional pumps with an integrated power take-off and multiple auxiliary drive connections. Furthermore, its in-line Integrated Emissions Control system affords users the flexibility to mount it either horizontally or vertically, thus allowing compatibility with a wider range of machines in the fleet while optimising thermal management and reducing connection points.

Applications like: Mobile cranes; Mobile mortar installations; Crushers; Wood chippers; Genset; Pump sets; Harvesters; Hydraulic power pack; Tractors; Genset

Nanni T4 270
Nanni T4 270 Toyota
3 L –  4 in line cylinders
Rated Power (kW/HP): 195 / 265
Powerful compact engine

The T4.270 is a perfect engine choice for recreational boaters, delivering powerful performance and reliable operation.

Equipped with a common rail direct fuel injection system and low rated speed of 3600 rpm, this engine offers excellent torque at low speeds, resulting in a faster hole-shot and remarkable acceleration. This powerful engine fits in many of the smallest engine compartments. With a hydraulic gearbox, this engine operates smoothly and quietly while maneuvering. The direct fuel injection technology ensures improved combustion and higher fuel efficiency, allowing for an enjoyable and economical boating experience.

Application: Pleasure boats; Commercial vessels; Marine gensets

This is a selection from the 1000+ engine variations we offer. Contact us for engine specific information.

Sustainable future


NPS Driven has the ambition of playing a key role in shaping a more sustainable future, and therefore are fully committed to electrification. Traditional combustion engines running on fossil fuels are gradually being replaced by advanced, whisper-quiet and highly efficient electric motors. Discover how NPS Driven is pioneering the streamlining of our future through electrification.


Hydrogen is at the heart of the transition towards making our beloved combustion engines more sustainable. At NPS Driven, a team of experts is passionately working on transforming traditional combustion engines to run seamlessly on hydrogen, without emissions. Although there are still challenges to make them market-ready and certified, we are determined to achieve this goal. Discover how NPS Driven is implementing hydrogen as the fuel of the future.

Power Generation

The future of marine and industrial applications lies in data. By connecting to machines or even entire fleets, businesses can become more agile and anticipate changes instead of reacting to them.

Machine uptime and efficiency is essential. IODA is a brand created by a team with decades of experience in building and delivering technologies, knowledge, and a platform for remote gathering engine data for analysis.

After Treatment Systems

Xeamos designs and creates exhaust systems that are at the forefront of innovation, price and compactness. Xeamos works closely with all shipyards and/or naval architects involved to deliver an optimal solution.

Xeamos has thus become the market leader in the highly specialized field of emission-reducing solutions that contribute to a better environment.

Zenoro Essential
Essential line
Vibrations | Yacht standard
Power | Frequency: 50 Hz and 60 Hz ekW: 55 up to 118 ekW
Emission | IMO exempted

Meet the new standard for your pleasure craft. The Zenoro Essential line delivers a standardized, top-quality generator, with high-end components and excellent reliability.

Customer stories


Mobile floor mixers and mortar plants

The John Deere 4045TI530 is the reliable heart of Bremat’s mobile mortar plants. Bremat Holland B.V. has achieved international success with this application. From Europe to customers in Australia. Bremat is exploring the potential of integrating the latest electrical solutions developed by John Deere and NPS Driven into their products.

Jachtwerf De Blieken

Regional Nanni expert

De Blieken has been prioritizing leisure boating since the start, with Michiel Wester leading the way. With their Nanni: Energy in blue engines, they offer dependable service and refitting for popular brands like Volvo, Yanmar, and Vectis. Customers are impressed by the quiet engines and often quickly close deals.

Weterings Machinery

Innovations in horticulture

Industrial engines by John Deere form the heart of the Bio Chopper developed and built by Weterings Machinery. Read how this Dutch company serves the world with mobile machinery for horticulture through innovation, online deployment and reliable John Deere engines.

Ufkes Greentec

Woodchippers for parks, countryside, and woodlands

Ufkes Greentec is a leading machine factory specializing in the development and production of woodchippers. With 8 different types of chippers in 60 variations, Ufkes has something to fit any customer’s needs. Many of their chippers are equipped with the powerful John Deere 6068CI550 engine. The new prototype Panthera is ready to run on the anticipated JD18.


Spare Parts

For the brands we represent, we provide OEM replacement components. Our spare parts are original, registered, and are delivered quickly and safely. We know that downtime is expensive, so we prioritize providing our clients with the right parts as soon as possible. We carry stock and have direct access to global inventory. Our experienced team can help you find the right part for your machine. With our fast and reliable service, you can trust that your machine will be up and running quickly and safely.


NPS provides assistance with running and maintaining delivered products. We accomplish this by sending our expert technicians and engineers to customer locations for maintenance or repair and providing remote assistance. This allows us to prevent issues proactively and quickly identify and address malfunctions.

Why work at NPS Driven

Each assignment, customer, and project are different. That is what makes it so challenging to work for us. Your work is never a repeat of a previous project. We are still growing and developing as a company every day. And that is necessary with techniques that increasingly require innovation. Fortunately, innovation and client focus are in our DNA.


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