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Meet NPS Driven

Power to Renew

Who is NPS Driven?

NPS Driven is a value-added reseller of renowned brands for off-highway and marine applications. As OEM, NPS Driven designs and builds innovative marine gensets and after-treatment systems.

We are passionate about being the benchmark for well-thought-out and creative outstanding powertrain technologies for off-highway and marine power systems. We aim to partner to create the best technology fit for our customers.

Our Journey


Agriculture, transport, and power generation make the world go round today and tomorrow. Moreover, the world’s demand for these will undoubtedly grow. Therefore, we need to substantially reduce the environmental impact for today and the next generations.


We develop, deliver and service the best powertrain technologies for off-highway and marine power systems. We place a strong emphasis on striking a balance between the three key factors; total cost of ownership, total environmental impact, and reliability.

Our history

NPS has a long legacy in powertrain optimization and emission reduction. NPS – formerly known as NPS Diesel – has become the undisputed technology supplier for industrial and marine power systems. A comprehensive, reliable, and innovative range of premium products and services is proof of this. As a family-owned company, we are passionate, skilled, and curious about new customer needs and possible solutions. From our head office in The Netherlands, we source and engineer the technologies our customers need for efficient and future-proof power systems. Since power is a global market, we operate worldwide with a strong focus on Europe and combine our technical competence with our in-depth market and legal and regulatory knowledge.

The future started yesterday

We are all faced with a challenge to reduce our environmental impact. We have always focused on our sustainability performance and future-proof product lines as a company. For NPS Driven, it is beyond doubt that we embed sustainability in our strategy. However, accelerating the sustainability shift is not an easy task. A good example is our participation in the “Green & Smart Mobility” program.  We are partnering in the GTD-H project to develop and apply hydrogen for combustion engines, hydrogen fuel cells, and next-systems hydrogen refueling infrastructure technology.

Renewable fuels


At the moment and for the foreseeable future, the batteries do not yet have enough energy to allow us to do away with internal combustion engines immediately. So, for now, we still need them. But there are applications where combustion engines are no longer permitted or where emission regulations require other solutions. Creativity and innovation come together to find approaches. Discover how NPS contributes to electrifying the future.


Hydrogen combustion engines are not a futuristic dream but a reality. NPS is presently working on these engines as an alternative to combustion engines. These engines are already operational in the laboratory. However, there is still work to do to get them certified and marketable. Discover how NPS helps H2.

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NPS Driven is part of the Lumipol Group. Lumipol Group is the umbrella organisation of a number of international
operating technological and innovative companies. The common denominator: Powering the world.

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