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Accredited work placement company

Working on the Future

NPS Driven is not only working on engine and powertrain technology, but also on shaping the future of the new generation of experts in our field. As a learning company, NPS Driven offers diverse positions where young talented technicians can kick-start their careers. Jilles is one of those young talents. Following his three-year education as a ‘First Internal Combustion Engine Technician,’ Jilles is now enrolled in the work-study program known as the ‘Technical Specialist in Internal Combustion Engines’ through the BBL (Vocational Apprenticeship Pathway). As a part of this combined learning and working trajectory, he works as a Service Engineer alongside his studies at NPS Driven. In a BBL program, you work four days a week and attend school one day a week. The company must be recognized as an accredited work placement company, and NPS Driven is one such company.
Jilles – Service Monteur

Fantastic to gain knowledge and experience

“I’ve chosen to continue my education down this path,” Jilles explains. “You work four days as a full-fledged employee alongside one day of study. So, it’s not an internship or anything similar, but a genuine job complete with an employment contract. This way, I’ve already embarked on a relevant career path. Internal combustion engines have always captivated my interest. It all began with a Puch Maxi. A simple engine, yet it encompasses all the principles of an internal combustion engine. During my youth, I had a lot of involvement with pleasure boats. Pleasure boat owners are entirely different from what I experience here as a Service Engineer when I set out for Zenoro.”

“Zenoro is one of the brands that NPS Driven represents. Zenoro serves a genuine professional market unlike pleasure boats. I’ve just completed an on-location service for Zenoro. It’s fantastic to gain knowledge and experience in this manner. There’s substantial variety in this profession and within this company. For instance, I might receive a call on a Friday to head directly to a super yacht on Monday. That’s how I ended up in England once. Unfortunately, not yet in Monaco, but who knows, that might happen soon. After all, we have numerous clients in that region. This diversity demands flexibility. Clearly, this isn’t a 9-to-5 job. At NPS Driven, we’re considerably ahead in terms of technology, particularly in terms of control systems and software. This, in turn, is intriguing for my education. If you’re willing to be adaptable and log many miles, then at NPS Driven, you have a highly diverse job with enjoyable colleagues and exceedingly fascinating technology. This aligns seamlessly with my present development and my aspiration to build something for my personal future.”

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