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Our industrial engine partner in France.

Clarke Industrial Engines has been a trusted name in providing reliable and efficient power solutions to industry and business for more than 80 years. Since its inception in the early 1930s, the company has always dedicated itself to providing customers with the highest quality products and services. During this time, it has grown from a small family business to a leading provider of engines, generators, and other industrial power solutions. The company’s lengthy history of innovation demonstrates its dedication to excellence.
Clarke has always been at the forefront of power solutions, from the introduction of the first diesel engine in the United States through the development of the first-of-its-kind low-emission engine. Along with its engineering prowess, the company prides itself on providing superior customer service. With a team of experienced engineers, product specialists, and service technicians, the company offers the highest level of technical expertise and support, regardless of the size or complexity of the project. Today, Clarke Industrial Engines remains a trusted name in the industry, providing reliable, efficient power solutions to customers worldwide. Clarke is pleased to be the company of choice for enterprises that value quality and performance, from start-ups to Fortune 500 firms.
Fire pump drivers
8 cylinders in V
287 – 373kW
UL listed / FM approuved / APSAD

Heart of the mid range, DR8H is a 8 cylinder in Ve.

As Fire protection engine’s specialist, this Clarke engine is approved and certified for all standards (UL list, FM, APSAD, NFPA20, …).

Fire pump drivers
32.1L – 12 cylinders in V
633 – 894kW
UL listed / FM approuved / APSAD

The C32H0 series engines have been developed using a renowned 32-liter engine platform which is synonymous for its performance and reliability across a range of demanding applications worldwide.

Clarke’s decision to expand offering is in response to customer demand for greater choice of engine selection for large capacity fire pump applications. The C32H0 series will be available in both standard constant speed format or with a variable speed (PLD) configuration.

6,8L – 6 cylinders in line
113 – 172 kW
UL listed / FM approved / APSAD

Clarke enlarge JU6H range and now propose products that reach 224kW at 3000 RPM. Same performance as for other Clarke products, but at higher speed and power.

As other products of JU6H range, new models are UL listed, FM approved and compliant with NFPA20 standards.

Clarke JU6H are designed for high volume pumping application as supermarket, warehouse, hotels, airport and more. For more information on JU6H products and other Clarke products, contact us.

Fire pump drivers
4.5L – 4 cylinders in line
65 – 104kW
UL listed / FM approved / APSAD

Based on 4045 John Deere industrial engine, this engine benefit of all advantages of well designed engine.

As all the range, this engine is FM and APSAD approuved. Thanks to high torque, performances are specially dedicated to medium fire protection application. Wide RPM work range, from 1470 RPM to 2850, will help you to perftly fit to your application.

This is a selection from the 1000+ engine variations we offer. Contact us for engine specific information.

More information

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Christophe Le Ray – Clarke

We represent Clarke engines because they are designed for a variety of applications

For its selection of dependable and high-quality fire engines, Clarke Power Solutions is well known in France and throughout the world. We represent Clarke as they are the ideal fit to meet UL/FM and APAD Standards, which govern the field of building fire protection. Clarke is an excellent addition to our John Deere and HYUNDAI (Doosan) product line at NPS Driven. Recognized as a premium solution, they are built with proven engineering and compliant with best manufacturing practices and comprehensive testing procedures. This will benefit our clients’ safety, dependability, financial savings, and environmental protection. NPS Driven France is committed to servicing and supply of replacement engines and parts for the whole Clarke line.

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