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Clean Air Technology

In 2017, NPS Diesel (now known as NPS Driven) and Solfic Energy & Emission formed a joint venture to become Xeamos BV. Since its founding in 2000 by Alwin de Kock, Solfic has dominated the field of exhaust after-treatment technology. NPS Driven has a long history of developing a global sales and service network related to superyacht generators. In 2019, the two companies joined forces to operate under the name Xeamos BV. This successful strategy has resulted from the strong points of both family-owned companies.

Benefit from the 25+ years of experience in engineering, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of exhaust aftertreatment systems.

The leading after-treatment systems and knowledge for inland shipping, superyachts, commercial vessels, industry, and offshore. The Xeamos team has an indepth understanding of the applications used by clients and the marine and industrial environments you operate in, as well as the people who use the technology and the installers who are involved. We will provide you with the specs you need to comply with regulations. Xeamos has become the market leader in the highly specialized field of emission-reducing solutions that directly or indirectly contribute to a better environment.

After Treatment Systems

Xeamos designs and creates exhaust systems that are at the forefront of innovation, price and compactness. Xeamos works closely with all shipyards and/or naval architects involved to deliver an optimal solution.

Xeamos has thus become the market leader in the highly specialized field of emission-reducing solutions that contribute to a better environment.

This is a selection from the 1000+ engine variations we offer. Contact us for engine specific information.

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Peter van de Heijden
Peter van der Heijden – Managing Director NPS Driven

Xeamos takes responsibility for protecting our planet’s climate

“Xeamos was born at NPS. As engineers and distributors of industrial and marine engines, we recognized the potential of after-treatment systems for niche applications that need special attention. Since its inception, Xeamos has become a leader in emission-reducing solutions that contribute to a healthier environment. They take responsibility for protecting our planet, a mission NPS shares. Xeamos’s products and their clean air engineering play a vital role. With Xeamos, we are constructing a better world with our technical know-how, market insight, and legal and regulatory knowledge.”

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