Bremat brings floor mixers to every construction site

Bremat brings floor mixers to every construction site

What was once a modest floor mixer trailer manufacturer has evolved into a leading authority in transportable, fully automatic mortar installations. Worldwide, thousands of Bremat installations are utilized every day to create traditional and self-leveling screeds.

Traditional screed floors were the first, followed by flow, insulation, and concrete floors. Almost every floor now has a mobile exchange available from the company. In terms of installing floors, this was and still is a revolution. Bremat is gradually replacing the traditional mixing and pumping of mortars which mix the substance on-site and deliver it to the worksite. By applying its own recipe or “mix design,” the floor specialist can also utilize its own binder, powders, and liquids to produce a specific character. You can understand Bremat’s success when you combine these benefits with the fact that there is no longer any material loss.

The John Deere 4045 engine powers the power units of Bremat mobile mortar plants. Bremat selected this due to its durability and the 4045s’ ability to run for an extraordinarily long period. In addition, for Bremat to achieve its international goals, John Deere’s cooperation on a global scale is crucial.

Guaranteed reliable engines

Bremat changed management in 1995. The business had previously produced wagons for manually mixing mortar. The change signaled the start of the fully automatic mobile mortar plant introduction. Engineer Alexander Tinus was at the basis of this development. “In the beginning, we worked for the power unit with a different brand of engines. That was really a drama, from a limited number of machine hours to various breakdowns and lack of support. Then, finally, we were driven into the hands of John Deere. In NPS, we found a partner who thinks with us and guarantees reliable engines with the John Deere brand,” says Alexander Tinus.

Over the past 20 years, he observes, the relationship between the buyer and the provider has gotten tighter. “It feels like a family where you also help each other. We have the same mindset, drive, and a heart for John Deere. NPS helps us with technical knowledge and solving malfunctions and parts. Their spare parts service is absolutely formidable in speed and stock.”

Optimal emission values

To connect to the ScreedFleet data platform, every vehicle Bremat designs, manufactures, and delivers, is outfitted with sensors, data-gathering modules, and a modem. Bremat monitors the cars’ usability in this manner. Additionally, customers have independent access to this platform that was created in-house. “ScreedFleet has a different interface for the floor layer than for the technician. That means that everyone only receives the information necessary for the optimal operation and maintenance of the mobile exchanges,” Alexander Tinus explains.

It bothers him that the world has little regard for the good environmental performance of contemporary diesel engines. “It is a pity that diesel has ended up in the dark due to the revelations about cheating software in the auto industry. And that while we can show such good emission values for NOX and CO2 with the engines supplied by NPS. We see that floor layers are a bit more careful with new investments. The need is there, but the uncertainty about standards and the pace of innovation means that people are now thinking a little longer about investing in a diesel engine unit.”

Bremat is consequently quite interested in learning more about the cutting-edge electrical solutions that John Deere and NPS Driven are developing. “We started working on electrification, using the energy available on the construction site. However, not every construction site has enough electrical power. So for now, we have a good partner with NPS, who knows about regulations and supplies engines that more than comply with them.”

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