With the fifth generation on board, Vink diesel has a lengthy history

With the fifth generation on board, Vink diesel has a lengthy history

In the construction workshop, Vink diesel produces, among other things, diesel-driven pump sets, generator sets, and hydraulic power packs for inland shipping applications. In addition, Vink also offers on-site servicing activities with a fleet of fully equipped service cars. NPS Driven purchases its DAF brand products from Vink diesel.

The relationship between Vink and DAF dates back to 1958 when DAF introduced the first marine engines on the market, of which Vink installed the first two marine engines produced by DAF on a ferry. Many DAF engines have found their way to inland shipping via Vink. For several years following its bankruptcy and subsequent relaunch in 1993, DAF provided engines for the navy. When that stopped, the relationship with Vink was more or less broken.

NPS Driven (then NPS Diesel) renewed the link with the new DAF/ Paccar concern. The shared vision of Vink and NPS concerning the potential of DAF engines was translated into DAF MX engines that, thanks to the Euro6 certification, easily meet the IWW Stage V standard. In concrete terms, this means 98% less nitrogen oxides (NOx ), 99% less soot (PM), and up to 20% lower fuel consumption (read CO2 emissions) compared to the previous generation of CCR2 marine diesel engines. In Vink, NPS Driven found a partner to make this possible. Thanks to close cooperation between NPS (certificate and software) and Vink’s maritime knowledge (including cooling, regulation, and regulations), the DAF MX-Euro VI engines have been made suitable for maritime use.

The DAF engines (MX11 and MX13) are now an exciting option for inland shipping because of the extremely low fuel consumption and the long maintenance intervals, resulting in a very short payback period. Of course, in accordance with the strictest emission standards. Time does not stand still. Vink diesel and NPS Driven work closely together for maritime applications for the future.

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