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Internship assignments

With these assignments, you’ll get a glimpse into the workings of a young, innovative, and international organization. Within your assignment, you’ll have a lot of freedom, and we welcome your initiatives.

Setting up engine installation guidelines
This is a practical assignment where the general factory installation guidelines need to be translated into model-specific installation guidelines. Installation guidelines are required for installing diesel engines to ensure functionality, quality, and compliance with (emission) regulations. For this, you will coordinate internally with our technical advisors in the Netherlands and Germany. The documentation is in English. The work is mainly digital, using programs such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

Developing modular battery system
Zenoro has taken the initiative to introduce a modular battery system to the market. This system is intended for the maritime sector, which deals with heavy loads and fast charging speeds. This development is essential due to the changing dynamics within the superyacht market, driven by the environmental impact of diesel engines. Currently, the design has been analyzed for the suitability of an appropriate insulation material and the presence of thermal bridges. This analysis has been simulated, and based on that, recommendations have been made, but further attention needs to be paid to detailing the thermal and fire safety setup of the current and future concept designs. Additionally, earlier concept designs need to be detailed and incorporated into the current concept design.

Creating a technical-business plan for a new engine
Conduct preliminary research into the rules and regulations for testing the H2 combustion engine. We are currently testing combustion engines and powered aggregates up to 800 mkW. During this assignment, you will work closely with the R&D team in Eindhoven (online is possible) and the operational team in Ravenstein. Do you enjoy translating rules and regulations into practical solutions? Then this assignment might be for you.

Creating a flowchart
Create a flowchart with the Controls System team using RASCI and the methodology for releasing software and the associated change management process. The basis is ISO9001; developing software using various tools and methods, such as Matlab/IOT-related software development platforms, SCRUM, AGILE, etc.

Remote monitoring
Our engines are going online! This assignment involves researching the latest developments in IoT. On one hand, this will be a paper study on the possibilities of sending data over the internet with a modem using various connections and hardware. On the other hand, Proof of Concept hardware must also be created for practical testing.

Engine management for hydrogen
This assignment involves researching various microprocessors and their applicability for an Engine Management System for the NPS Driven hydrogen engine. Additionally, power control for injectors and ignition needs to be considered. With available components, a Proof of Concept will be built and tested.

Electric vehicle control unit
This assignment is a study on possible upgrades to the Vehicle Control Unit of NPS Driven. The control unit deserves an upgrade, and for this, it must be determined what the new specifications will be. Then, it must be determined how and with what architecture those specifications can be met. After establishing the architecture, a Proof of Concept board will be built to test whether the specifications can be met.

Has your interest been piqued by one of our internship assignments? Then send your application to Do you have any questions or want more information about the vacancy or NPS Driven? No problem, feel free to contact Rianne Brenkman. She can be reached at this phone number: 06-46765238.

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