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NPS Driven is not only working on engine and powertrain technology, but also on shaping the future of the new generation of experts in our field. As a learning company, NPS Driven offers diverse positions where young talented technicians can kick-start their careers. Jilles is one of those young talents. Following his three-year education as a ‘First Internal Combustion Engine Technician,’ Jilles is now enrolled in the work-study program known as the ‘Technical Specialist in Internal Combustion Engines’ through the BBL (Vocational Apprenticeship Pathway). As a part of this combined learning and working trajectory, he works as a Service Engineer alongside his studies at NPS Driven. In a BBL program, you work four days a week and attend school one day a week. The company must be recognized as an accredited work placement company, and NPS Driven is one such company.
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