Jachtwerf De Blieken – Regional Nanni expert

Jachtwerf De Blieken – Regional Nanni expert

The development of ship engines in pleasure ships is turbulent. Engines from Grou Nanni play a significant part in this at Jachtwerf De Blieken. The yard is at the vanguard of the twenty-first century as a dealer of NPS Driven, just as it was when it was established.

Mr. Albert Ernst Wester established A.E. Wester in 1921. He began with the weekly rental of two buoys with a crew. With the rise of post-war recreation, they began to concentrate on renting out wooden sailing ships. The business quickly possessed a distinctive fleet of about 40 wooden sailboats. The company has shifted its focus during the last 20 years to manufacturing steel hulls, installing engines, and painting all different kinds of boats. The third generation is currently in charge.

Nanni’s success
De Blieken has prioritized pleasure craft from the beginning. It is a substantial industry in the Friesland province’s water sports industry. About pleasure craft, owner Michiel Wester says, “A lot has changed recently. The market for renting boats was steady up until the 1980s. At the beginning of the season, we were already aware of how the rental situation would develop. The rental of open boats as a component of vacations has been flipped on its head by all-inclusive vacations and, most definitely, by the rise of home rentals. Then, we bid this market farewell and concentrated on repair and retrofit. Then, we also began building a new home ourselves. When NPS started delivering Nanni engines, we became a Nanni dealer through them. We have a solution for practically any recreational craft with these engines. Many of the more well-known brands of engines are now in need of replacement. Consider the brands Volvo, Yanmar, and Vectis. Beautiful engines are also eventually depleted, worn out, and require replacement. For that, Nanni has a very alluring proposition. An alternative is always available. People quickly come to us to refit with a Nanni motor for several reasons, but the main two are our dependability and the service we offer everyone. Deals are frequently rapidly closed once potential customers see how quiet these engines are.

24/7 preparedness
De Blieken has experience in the rental sector and is the only person who truly comprehends this market’s difficulties. “As a boat rental business, you frequently must make hasty arrangements. However, we already have the pieces and the expertise,” adds Michiel Wester. “We can provide exactly what they need because we used to provide rentals ourselves and because we are familiar with all of our former competitors. Engines and parts are available right now. Frequently, we can obtain what we lack directly from NPS Driven’s stock. We are the first port of call for clients, including shipyards, lessors, and private persons, because we are familiar with the local conditions. This is how our relationship as dealer and distributor is successful. I particularly enjoy it when we perform our own upkeep or remodeling. Every ship has a different owner, too. Our profession’s problem is coming up with a workable answer for this. Sometimes, you have to apply the phrase “appropriate solution” literally. People frequently demand things that are physically impossible to fit. That requires worthwhile work to make it possible.

Standards for emissions are more crucial than ever. The tight laws in Europe also affect pleasure vessels. Michiel Wester elaborates, “Undoubtedly, we must adhere to the tight requirements. Customers want to know their position with a new engine over the next few decades. Although we can’t predict the future, the world we live in today will seem very different in 2030 regarding new engines.” Electrification is undoubtedly a topic that everyone is now seriously considering. Infrastructure remains a challenge for you. Small ships don’t have a problem with that as they frequently still have access to 220V shore power.

However, if you have a larger boat or yacht that needs 380V or three-phase power, you’ll need to hunt for charging stations in the marinas. There is still a lot to do in the province. In addition, we are looking at new fuels with many benefits. HVO diesel, for instance, is readily available. This diesel is renewable and devoid of fossil fuels, cutting CO2 by an impressive 89%. Right now, it’s the most environmentally friendly diesel. Any Nanni engine can be used for this. The GTL from Shell is still another option. All other GTL types are utterly catastrophic for the engine because of the numerous additives. Because there isn’t enough fuel, your engine simply runs out of fuel. HVO is still the best option available for now. Of course, hydrogen is also present. But there are still many infrastructure-related factors to take into account. It could be challenging at times. I will undoubtedly experience it, and we will consider how NPS can assist us. For the time being, we have a good option in a period that will surely be viewed as a transitional stage ten years from now with the Nanni engines and widely accessible HVO diesel.

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