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Energy in Blue – Worldwide marinization specialist always looking to the future

Nanni has achieved great success over their 70 years of experience in marinization. Founded in Italy in 1952 and relocated to the Bay of Arcachon, France, Nanni has become an international leader in the marine industry. The company offers a range of robust and powerful products, from engines (10 hp to 2200 hp) to generators (4 kW to 47 kW). Additionally, they provide monitoring and control systems, and their customer base is steadily growing. Behind Nanni’s success is a close-knit family headed by Amalia Festa, President and CEO since 1991. She has surrounded the company with prestigious and long-standing partners such as Kubota, Toyota, John Deere, Scania, and MAN, creating solid relationships with them. Nanni’s team is almost 100-strong and managed by Gregorio Passani, Chief Business Officer; Michele Insom, Spare Parts and Project Service Manager; and Giovanni Insom, responsible for Human Resources.
The company’s strength lies in its efficient and responsive customer service in 90 countries and 900 service points. Nanni is continuing to expand, creating high-performing and environmentally-sustainable products and services. Later this year, they are launching a new digital platform to keep communication alive with their customers. The platform will digitize service operations, ordering spare parts, engine service management, and technical documentation. It will also be used to train service providers so that dealers stay up-to-date with the company’s news. Nanni provides ship propulsion engines and power generators for applications in boats, using Kubota, Toyota, and other engines as a basis and then marinizing them. Nanni has a long history in recreational boating and is renowned for its beautiful engine-turning culture, simplicity, short delivery times, and reliability. The Nanni dealer network is loyal and of great value.

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Ambassador Admar
Admar Verschoor – Sales Manager

I’m proud of the possibilities of using our engines for pleasure boating

« En tant que responsable commercial des moteurs Nanni chez NPS, je suis fier des possibilités qu'offrent les moteurs Nanni pour les bateaux de plaisance. Ces moteurs « Blue Energy » sont réputés pour leur durabilité et leur silence de fonctionnement, ce qui les rend idéaux pour les activités de loisirs sur les voies navigables intérieures. Les moteurs Nanni sont conçus pour être fiables et efficaces avec un fonctionnement fluide et puissant. Ces moteurs sont faciles à entretenir et ont une faible consommation de carburant, afin que le vacancier puisse profiter pleinement du temps passé sur l'eau. Chez Nanni, ils ont compris que la plaisance est une passion. Qu'il s'agisse de naviguer sur la côte, de profiter des voies navigables ou des lacs ou de pêcher en mer, vous pouvez faire confiance à ces moteurs pour offrir les meilleures performances possibles.

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