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24 avril 2020

City Boy: World’s first zero-emission hybrid mobile crane

24 avril 2020

Netherlands-based crane manufacturer Spierings Mobile Cranes has launched the world’s first hybrid mobile crane. Combining zero-emission driving and operational capabilities, the new SK487-AT3 City Boy crane provides a flexible solution for urban environments and could play a key role in alleviating the European nitrogen emission issues. NPS Diesel  supplied the newest and cleanest John Deere Stage V engine.

Extra support from John Deere Power

Spierings wanted a more powerful engine for the City Boy, given the combination of the engine’s role. NPS Diesel advised Spierings in choosing the best engine for this new project. The John Deere PowerTech PSS 6.8L Final Tier 4/Stage V appeared as the best.

60 orders have already been recorded for the crane. Koos Spierings, CEO: “It shows there’s a substantial demand out there for this type of vehicle, which I would attribute both to how compact and flexible it is – making it highly suited for working in city centers – and to the fact that it is an effective solution to the problem of high nitrogen emissions. This will enable crane rental companies and construction companies to focus completely on what they do best: building.”

Changing the industry with hybrid electric propulsion systems

The SK487-AT3 City Boy can be use in either full-electric, hybrid or diesel mode, which is ideal in areas with strict emission regulations. The hybrid electric drive system combines a drivetrain with a 370 kW (495-hp) electric motor, a generator powered by a 224 kW (300-hp) PSS 6.8L industrial diesel engine (John Deere) and a lithium-ion battery pack. On-site, the system can be plugged into the power grid to operate the crane and charge the battery. The John Deere engine – in combination with the generator – can be used in case of insufficient on-site capacity to charge the battery while driving.

About Spierings Mobile Cranes

Spierings Mobile Cranes (Oss – The Netherlands) is the market leader in mobile tower cranes. The company’s cranes are used in more than 25 countries around the world, mainly by crane rental and construction companies. The cranes are fully developed and produced in the Netherlands.

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Technical specifications City Boy

Maximum last: 7000 kg (up to 11.96 m radius)
Undercarriage dimensions: 2.50 x 13.08 m x 4.00 m (W x L x H)
Drive: Electric motor: Danfoss Mobile Electrification (formerly Visedo) / Diesel engine: John Deere
Emission-free driving in fully electric mode: 10-20 km
Emission-free working: On battery: 2-4 hours / On grid: Unlimited

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