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The road to the future is unpaved and relies on power.

Engines without the need for a road

Industrial means heavy-duty work, regardless of whether it is an industrial, construction, or agricultural application. Therefore, engines need to be powerful, reliable, and efficient.

Uptime is high, and maintenance intervals are long. Our service is optimized to maximize the ROI for end-users. Each client and application has its challenges, and the global availability of spare parts is often crucial.

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Ed Hes – Sales Manager Engines

HYUNDAI provides technologically advanced products with a high level of reliability

“HYUNDAI is offering Stage V engines for use in mobile machines and power generators. They provide Korean built, technologically advanced products with a high level of reliability. HYUNDAI engines are designed for long life and equipped with simple, easy-to-maintain parts and components. Following the acquisition of Doosan by HYUNDAI in 2023, NPS Driven was able to continue selling the former Doosan engine range under the HYUNDAI brand. We are now working on introducing larger engines and also new technologies. Discussions with customers about battery packs and hybrid solutions are ongoing and the market introduction of a hydrogen engine is getting closer.

Hyundai colleagues have shown a strong commitment to getting things done. Where possible, they are flexible and do not hesitate to support us on location to jointly tackle the challenges we encounter in the market.”


At NPS Driven, we strive to provide the optimal engine solution for the construction industry that is reliable and fuel-efficient, maximizing productivity and safety. We offer a comprehensive selection of drive shafts, transmissions, and final drives for our brands, enabling customers to create the perfect drivetrain combination for their needs. We design our solutions to satisfy the ever-increasing standards of the construction industry, ensuring optimal performance and future-proofing for the long term.


The agriculture market is a global market that is highly subject to change. No industry is more in the spotlight when it comes to scaling up and emissions. As a result, optimizing engines in terms of emissions is more important than ever. In our range of engines, we have been offering solutions for years that meet the requirements of tomorrow.


More is happening at and around the railway tracks than meets the eye. Railways provide a unique solution to transportation and emission issues, and European governments are investing heavily in people and resources to ensure the highest quality of infrastructure. But, as with any sector, the railway market has its own distinct characteristics, and NPS Driven has the expertise to find the best solutions.

Fire Pump Drivers

The industrial engine market for fire pumps consists of engines designed specifically for powering fire pumps, including diesel, gasoline, and other fuel types. These engines must meet specific performance requirements necessary to power the fire pump, such as providing a certain level of power and torque and meeting strict standards for emissions and noise levels. In addition, these engines must be designed specifically for compatibility with fire pump systems.