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The passion for delivering and servicing the best technology for marine applications

Reliable as the only option

Marine markets have particular design considerations for propulsion or auxiliary usage powertrains due to the severity and unpredictability of the circumstances at sea and in inland waters. Engines must withstand saltwater, corrosion, vibration, extreme temperatures, pressures, and loads. They must also be robust and reliable enough to function in the face of waves, currents, and winds that can dramatically alter the vessel’s conditions and systems. Meeting these stringent demands for performance and durability necessitates special service intervals, making marine markets distinct from other markets.

Ed Hes – Sales Manager Engines

NPS is proud to be a decades-long distributor of John Deere industrial engines

“For decades, NPS Driven has been proud to be a distributor of John Deere industrial engines. Since 1990, we have provided reliable, high-quality industrial engines to businesses across several countries. I have witnessed NPS’s growth first-hand, from Nagel Power Systems to NPS Diesel and finally to NPS Driven. As a brand ambassador for John Deere at NPS, I am proud to represent a company that has been in the business of industrial engine distribution for so many years. Our teams are experts in John Deere products and can help customers make the right choice for their needs. We also provide customization if needed. At NPS, we strive to ensure our customers have all the necessary information and support to make the most out of their engines. If you are looking for a John Deere industrial engine, NPS is the go-to source.”


Marine Recreational Inland

We offer a wide range of engine types, each providing a different power and speed level. These products are silent in their category.
Reliability, easy installation, and low maintenance are key USPs for shipyards and areas where our dealer network adds value.

Power range: 55 – 760 kW
Emissions: RCD2


Super Yacht applications

Superyachts are the ultimate in luxury, providing a reliable and clean way to enjoy travel and lodging. An unsurpassed experience requires premium components. Professional crews value our reliability and availability of spare parts worldwide.

Power range: 55 – 760 ekW
Emissions: IMO Tier 2, EPA Tier 2, IMO Tier 3 (Xeamos)

Inland waterways

Marine commercial inland

Engines for Inland Waterways have been designed to be powerful and efficient. Overclassing the most stringent legislation and offering low operational costs. The longevity of these engines needs to be unmatched in the industry. Engines come equipped warranty providing peace of mind about the availability of spare parts. ‘Sailing green’ is a high priority of the inland waterway transport sector. H2 migration will be a serious option in this category in the near future.

Power range: 61 – 559 kW
Emissions: EU Stage V IWW


Commercial Marine

Being at sea means enduring extreme conditions. Heavy-duty construction ensures the engine’s reliability for heavy loads and long hours of operation. Worldwide access to parts means you can get your engine fixed no matter where you are.

Power range: 61 – 559 kW
Emissions: IMO Tier 2, IMO Tier 3 (Xeamos)


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