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Marine engines are designed for use in boats and other water-based objects. We offer a wide range of engine types, each providing a different level of power and speed. These products are silent in their category. Nanni and John Deere engines are often a perfect match for any recreational boat design. Reliability, easy installation, and low maintenance are key USPs for shipyards and an area our dealer network adds value.

We’d love to introduce you to IODA’s products

“Data is the basis for future applications, also within the marine industry. By being connected to your machine (or even complete fleet), you can be more agile and act predictively instead of reactive. Time is money, and resources are scarce, so machine uptime and efficiency usage are essential. IODA is a brand developed by a team with decades of experience in building and delivering technologies, knowledge and a platform for remote gathering engine data for AI analysis. From Formula 1 and Red Bull Air Race flight control and analysis to marine and industrial, heavy-duty applications, our platform is intuitive and easy to use. You can be sure you are getting the most out of your investment. Are you looking into ways to access and manage remote data while leveraging AI applications securely? We’d love to introduce you to IODA’s products.”

– Sven –

This is a selection from the 1000+ engine variations we offer. Contact us for engine specific information.

Jachtwerf De Blieken

Jachtwerf De Blieken – Regional Nanni expert

De Blieken has been prioritizing leisure boating since the start, with Michiel Wester leading the way. With their Nanni: Energy in blue engines, they offer dependable service and refitting for popular brands like Volvo, Yanmar, and Vectis. Customers are impressed by the quiet engines and often quickly close deals.

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