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Our after-sales department is aimed at assisting you further after purchasing your engine. For example, we provide customized service, we train technical personnel and we help you with the handling of warranty applications.

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Ravenstein (NL)     T: +31 486 201 637
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Stijn van Rijn – Product Support Manager

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After purchasing a product from us, you can rely on our NPS service for all post-sales support. Our team of certified mechanics and engineers ensures maximum uptime for your engine by providing the most up-to-date technologies. In addition, we are constantly training our employees and staying connected with our engine suppliers to ensure our customers always receive the best possible service. Your new application and/or vessel will be commissioned according to existing regulations to meet emission requirements. Our Technical Advisors handle this handshake and will lead you through the lifetime of your application. After commissioning, we guide you with maintenance requirements. In case of technical issues, our team is there to assist you.

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